Strum.TV is a Music Web-Channel:
       A reference place for people who enjoy string instruments & appreciate the variety of music it brings. 
                      ...A study in D Major

 "We at STRUM.TV are Not So Picky!" 

     Information on events, concerts, & venue happenings, as well as knowledge of how to build your own string instrument, soon will be available, along with teachers, instrument sales, and discounts. Live entertainment will be streaming in the future, along with (music) news anchors giving their best career advice & musical opinions on, for example, what to listen to & recommendations on what to lookout for...Like the several videos below, but for now it's basically to, Entertain, Enlighten, & Educate........ & So EnJoy!

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"To inspire" literally means to breath life into someone or something. Great guitar players spend about as much time listening to music as playing. This sharing of ideas, energy, and talents, passes the music on to the next generation of torch-bearing musicians...






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